Happy World Mental Health Day (?)

I’m not sure if I should wish everyone a Happy World Mental Health Day, or not, or how to phrase it but hopefully you get the gist!

I actually meant to blog yesterday but was exhausted and couldn’t manage it. Overnight and today my right hand thumb/thumb joint, that side of the wrist and hand is sore and swollen, not majorly swollen but enough to notice.

I am unsure what has caused this, I am wondering if it is because I used the Mobility Scooter in Asda yesterday and was mainly using my right hand as my left couldn’t seem to do it.

To say that I am getting sick of this now is a bit of an understatement, my walking seems to be extremely bad again this week with me able to walk around the house, if I take it slowly and don’t really do anything. Cooking, washing dishes, laundry, vacuuming etc are way beyond my capabilities, going up the stairs I have had to limit to going down the stairs in the morning and back up at bedtime. If anything needs to be taken up or downstairs I have to rely on Husband and kids for it. The only time I will go up/down the stairs over than those necessary times (get up/go bed) is if I have to use the toilet overnight. We only have a downstairs toilet, which is great for during the day but very much less so overnight!

Oh how I wish I still lived in a flat like I did growing up – seriously how much easier would that make my life now.

I seriously cannot wait until my appointment at the end of the month. I am just hoping that they can help me, as I do not know what I will do if they cannot.

Possibly appropriately, what with today being World Mental Health Day, we have just started watching Afflicted on Netflix. Its pretty interesting so far, but also kinda worrying, especially seeing how bad some people are affected and just how little Medical Health Professionals can actually help, and I am talking about majorly recognised conditions such as ME/CFS etc, (and by that I am not saying that the other conditions shown are not recognised, I am basing it more on a laymans knowledge here).

And just because, here are some links for you all.

    World Mental Health Day 2018
    Mental Health Foundation
    Time To Change

And just a couple of the illnesses etc covered so far in the show…

Epstein Barr Virus
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
Mold AllergyElectromagnetic HypersensitivityLyme Disease – NHSLyme Disease UK


How Time Flies!

…and its been nearly a month since I last blogged.


Pains are all still pretty much the same, aches in shoulders and arms, lower back sore and worse when moving, left thigh and knee, and right calf and ankle!

On the plus side I have an appointment with the Pain Management Team at Aintree Hospital at the end of this month so fingers crossed they will be able to help me manage my pain better and therefore not be so limited by it.

I was supposed to see the GP last week but cancelled it on the day as just couldn’t face going to see them, despite knowing that it would be for the best, but there you are. I need to make another appointment but they are always booked up so getting an appointment is like hotcakes! Unless of course you wish to phone for an on the day appointment but then its pot luck whether you will get through, if you will get through while they still have available appointments, and who you will be seeing.

I had to phone beginning of last week to get Husband an appointment, in the space of about 10 minutes, possibly 15 minutes, i called 99 times before getting through on Monday last week and then when I did get through all the appointments were already gone. So, rinse and repeat for Tuesday, when I called 84 times, to get the same response – all appointments already gone. I made Husband call himself on Wednesday, and he had to call over 60 times (including the ones I made at the same time for him) but he did finally get an appointment! YAY!

I am sure you are all just riveted by this! 🙂

TBH I think that is all that has been going on here, aches and pains, insomnia, lethargy, and playing The Sims 4 – just got the new Spooky Stuff Pack, its fun!, oh and of course a bit of Destiny 2 too!

Oh, if you are on PSN and play Destiny 2 or just want a friend on there you can always send me a friend request – always up for some Destiny 2 Fireteam action!
Here is my Destiny 2 stats – Destiny 2 Tracker – PSN Ktessyman

Random Pains 18th September

    Left elbow
    Right Calf – very sore but especially when going up/down stairs
    Headache again – this time mainly top of my head all over but not sides, back or front
    Right shoulder/upper arm
    Complete and utter brain fog today
    Also absolutely exhausted, feels like I was awake all night and its bedtime
    Right foot
    Fingers on both hands – aching, stiff and sore
    Upper left arm, sorta shoulder but not the shoulder more on the outside of the arm – for those of you who had immunisations at Secondary School, think the area where you had your BCG. But its not on the skin its under and deep.

So far today I had waited in for Amazon to deliver some parcels, and managed a couple of hours playing the Sims, yeah thats it. I have washing to hang up and TONS of housework but it will have to wait. I am currently fighting sleep.

Oh! What I did order from Amazon though is this – BuJo Stencils on Amazon

So I may – finally – get around to setting up my Bujo and trying to keep track of things.

Oh last thing to say is that I have Doctors this week for Diabetes check – I am supposed to go every year, I *was* due to go in January, and I only remembered towards the end of August. **Oops**