Beware unknown Amazon charges on your account

Well long story short, we have unknowingly been paying for a subscription for an amazon service for the last 14, yes 14 Months.

Yes, I checked my transactions, yes I contacted Amazon querying these charges- they were unable to find them on my account, they were not listed anywhere in my account, subscriptions, orders, Prime etc

What was this charge for I hear you ask – Amazon Kindle Unlimited for Kids!

Believe it or not it does not appear anywhere on Your Account, Subscriptions, Orders, Transactions, if you contact Amazon Customer Services, unless they specifically look for Kindle Unlimited for Kids, it does not show up on their system, there is absolutely no way of accessing anything to do with this yourself unless you log in via the actual Kindle for Kids and check it there.

Even while online and looking at Kindle Unlimited for Kids it was saying I could sign up, not that I was signed up and had been for 14 months.

And yes, I know a lot of people out there will be saying, ‘Well you should have checked the terms’, ‘it’s your own fault for not reading the small print’ etc but seriously? We have Prime and are able to access all content, I am the Prime ‘Head of Household’, I can decide what everyone can and cannot access, what they can and cannot order, yet I am unable to see that I am being charged for something?!

This is now making me wonder how many other systems Amazon has that charge you without you being able to see? And more importantly without their staff being able to see, unless they click on a specific screen somewhere.

Thankfully, today I spoke to two amazing staff members who were finally able to get to the bottom of this for me and to actually cancel this subscription, with a partial refund too!

To put it bluntly, I am rather disgusted with Amazon and their ‘separate systems/accounts/whatever’. I do know that from now on instead of looking at my bank statement and just kinda glossing over all the Amazon debits, because you know, its Amazon, and we use them a lot, I will be double check each and every transaction to make sure there is nothing else that I don’t know about!

Disclaimer – Yes we should have read and remembered the small print, but in my mind at least, they should have confirmed the end of the free 12 month period and the start of payments being taken, and it should be listed under my orders/charges/subscriptions which I can access!


Dealing with exhaustion

Today, again, I have woken up absolutely exhausted, I literally could just go straight back to bed and sleep the day away. Yes I slept all night too, actually the whole night which is a miracle for me, but I am exhausted.

I know I should probably go to bed and sleep, and I will still be able to sleep tonight too, but I have stuff to do (ok nothing important, but still) and I think I am just too bloody stubborn to give in to it. I am having to give in to so much nowadays, that sometimes, even though I know its not necessarily the ‘right’ thing to do, I have to fight back and say, nope, not gonna give in to that today. Even if it means that i have a crappy day and will be paying for it tomorrow.

I am a stubborn person by nature, so its of no surprise to me that my brain does this and wont give in to everything.

Medication wise, I haven’t really noticed a difference with the Gabapentin yet, apart from when I forget to take it and my anxiety goes through the roof, so yeah, its having a great effect on keeping my anxiety in check, but nothing else at the moment.

I am still waiting for the pain management team appointment, but I do have a GP appointment in a week or so, so I will be asking about it then, also about replacing co-codamol, due to side effects, but I am not sure what else they can give.

Fibro CF Medication

Had my doctors appointment yesterday, he was great, wi5h that said I went in knowing that his capabilities to “treat” this are limited, he did say that the Pain Management Team are the best people to see, and in the meantime he offered to up my antidepressants – which I refused, I am already on major antidepressants, 300mg venlafaxine and 150mg sertraline daily, he did also offer to increase my cocodamol, which again I declined as too much creates side effects, so then the doctor offered Gabapentin.

I have been prescribed 100mg 3x daily of Gabapentin, and advised to take the current dose of Cocodamol as and when needed, so fingers crossed!

What I forgot to ask him about is my ongoing foot pain, it is pretty constant if I have been out the house, and lasts for days afterwards, it was ok ish yesterday until I went to get in a taxi coming home from MILs and something clicked, it’s been awful since. The pain is constant but worse when moving around or putting pressure on it and it doesn’t even ease off overnight. The pain is pretty much the length of my metatarsal for my big toe, that whole area from the ball of my foot, to the arch, but along the metatarsal.

I have had a previous bunionectomy on my left foot, which helped a lot, and while its not pain free it is compared to how it was. I am now wondering if i need the same operation on my right foot, but, of course, i forgot to ask the doctor for a referral to get it checked out. So i have to now make another doctors appointment to request this, and yes, again, i have had this pain for quite a while, at least a year but its getting worse and is now in the region of too much to ignore and pretend isn’t there.

I will have to keep you all updated on how Gabapentin works out and my pain management referral and now my foot too! Bet you all cant wait!