Random Pains 18th September

    Left elbow
    Right Calf – very sore but especially when going up/down stairs
    Headache again – this time mainly top of my head all over but not sides, back or front
    Right shoulder/upper arm
    Complete and utter brain fog today
    Also absolutely exhausted, feels like I was awake all night and its bedtime
    Right foot
    Fingers on both hands – aching, stiff and sore
    Upper left arm, sorta shoulder but not the shoulder more on the outside of the arm – for those of you who had immunisations at Secondary School, think the area where you had your BCG. But its not on the skin its under and deep.

So far today I had waited in for Amazon to deliver some parcels, and managed a couple of hours playing the Sims, yeah thats it. I have washing to hang up and TONS of housework but it will have to wait. I am currently fighting sleep.

Oh! What I did order from Amazon though is this – BuJo Stencils on Amazon

So I may – finally – get around to setting up my Bujo and trying to keep track of things.

Oh last thing to say is that I have Doctors this week for Diabetes check – I am supposed to go every year, I *was* due to go in January, and I only remembered towards the end of August. **Oops**


Random Aches and Thoughts

I don’t know if anyone else has the same side effect (?) but when I first went on Sertraline, I felt… disconnected, vague, like things we not quite real, disassociated…I’m not sure if I can quite explain it, but kinda like things are not quite real, that I not 100% sure what is real or not, what memories are real. I am sure you are getting the idea!

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Recovery from too much.

Well after I did way too much (albeit not that much at all) last Tuesday, it took me until Friday before I could walk vaguely normally again with limited pain.

Over the weekend I started off ok, but then was wiped out by Saturday afternoon – Saturday morning I washed the kids school shirts and hung them up. Saturday afternoon I fell asleep in the armchair.

Early night, followed by unnecessary early morning on Sunday – seriously why do I wake up at 8am on a Sunday when I don’t have to get up early? – spent Sunday morning exhausted and wanting/needing to do stuff but too exhausted/brain-dead to actually do anything. I again fell asleep in the armchair, then went to bed around 4pm for a nap, didn’t actually manage to nap but felt much better for retreating to bed for a bit.

Of course then I stupidly stayed up late (for me) and ended up going to bed around 9.30pm ish.

Today I am again exhausted, but got up early for the school run and managed to go on the school run with husband and the kids.

I am now resting, again, but sat here worrying about all the things I need to do, all the things I have forgotten, all the things that I will need to do soon etc.

Why does my brain do this to me? I am too exhausted mentally and physically, but yet my brain will not quit. When I need it to be quiet it’s running about 20 different marathons at the same time!

I cannot concentrate on just one thing, it’s like there is a a billion ping-pong balls are bouncing around pinging things in my brain and reminding me if everything and anything that I need to do.

The benefit of this is that I have remembered something that I had completely forgotten I need to do, the downside is that apparently there are still 101 things that *need* to be done right now/today.

Instead I am watching Mayhem on Google Play Movies and trying to relax.

So far it’s an amusing comedy horror.