A little of this mornings gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4. 😀

A little of this mornings gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4. 😀


Eye problems

Eye problems

Since waking up on Saturday morning with a borked eye – dry eyes, frequent problems/abrasions etc. I spent most of that day with a patch on, and blurred vision through my other eye (r). 

It’s slowly getting better, as in it’s no longer painful, leaky, and light sensitive and I thought it was pretty much back to normal. 

Yep. How wrong was I! Went to Asda this morning for the weeks groceries and new school shoes for the girls (yes again!) and I could see hardly anything! 

Well I suppose that’s not true, I can see everything I normally can…. it’s just blurry, out of focus and gives me major eye strain looking at anything much. I am kinda ok on my phone if I don’t use it too much and look away often, but watching the tv or looking further than about 15cm in front of me gives me eye strain and headache. 

So of course I had to go on my laptop to print some post off, turned it on thinking it would just be a super quick job, when it loaded I looked at the screen there was literally two of everything. Think like an out of focus tv screen where there is like a fainter copy of everything slightly offset from the original. 

Well that absolutely killed my eyes! I couldn’t look at it for more than a few seconds before I had to give up and ask husband to help!

I am amazed at just how bad my eyes are! In the last few weeks it’s unfortunately been the norm for me to have blurred vision to some degree through one eye but this is horrendous!

I am tempted to go to the doctors tomorrow but they will just tell me they don’t do eyes, and the optician will tell me it’s not them too as it’s due to medical reasons 😑😩😵